In an interview with IKHRW, Kurdish journalist: KDP suppresses freedom of expression

Due to the escalation of political and economic crises in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), criticism and protests against the KRG are increasing day by day, calling it a party-based, tribal and family government. While Baghdad accuses the KRG of failing to meet its oil obligations and cuts budgets, the payment of staff salaries has been delayed for several months, Soran Omar, a duputy for the KRG parliament has accused Prime Minister Masrour Barzani of widespread financial corruption.

Soran Omar

We asked Omid Haji Baroshki, a journalist and TV presenter in the KRG, about the reason for the KDP’s quick intervention and the lifting of Soran Omar’s parliamentary immunity. In response to the IKHRW, the Kurdish journalist called it a “scenario” aimed at suppressing the “voice of truth.” While parliamentary immunity and questioning the prime minister are the duties of a member of parliament, the KDP’s response to the lifting of immunity and efforts to try the MP has angered many.

Omid Haji Baroshki says: “The abolition of parliamentary immunity in this way, against only one representative, shows only a party scenario, namely the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and no more. It’s the suffocation of the voice of truth. “

The journalist also stated that the aim of the KDP was to eliminate any danger through “its rule in the Kurdistan Region” so that Barzani’s family members would not lose the power.

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