Father of Bahman Orami: PJAK is responsible for my son’s death

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has interviewed Bahman Orami Asl’s family in two stages.

Bahman Orami is one of the killed members of PJAK, whose story of deception and death was recently raised by IKHRW.

Bahman is also one of the hundreds of victims of poverty in the border areas of the country, victims who are ambushed by PKK and PJAK elements in order to deceive and kidnap them by abusing their living conditions.



In his third interview with Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, Bahman’s father addressed his family’s mental state after his son was killed.

He added:

“Bahman was my only son. Our financial situation was not favorable at all; Sometimes my son complained about this situation, but he did everything he could to make a good living for himself. He did a lot of work. He was working in a poultry farm before leaving the country.”

“But late at night, Bahman’s employer called me and said that two unknown people had entered the poultry farm and taken Bahman with them. It was not clear whether he had been deceived or taken away by force! We, who did not know who those two people were, looked everywhere for our son. We even traveled to Qandil several times.”

“For the first time, the PKK and PJAK forces completely denied that our son was in their ranks. But the next time we went there, they accepted that yes, my son had been transferred to Qandil by PJAK forces that had come to collect money from the poultry farm he worked at. But they never let us see our son.”

“Every time they handed us a lie, once they said it was in Turkey! It was once said that he went to Syria to fight. It was once said that he was training. In short, we could not see or talk to Bahman even once.”

“The more we insisted, the more harsh and humiliating they became towards us. I am still not convinced how it is possible for my son, who all his life was just looking to be able to make a good living for himself, to join a group that provides its members with no houses, no proper clothes and food? I’m sure PJAK took him by force…”


Read here: IKHRW’s interview with the brother of Bahman Ourami


“It is not possible for my son to go there of his own free will. They must have either been deceived or forced. During the long visits to Qandil, our pursuits did not go anywhere and we could not see our son.”

“The only picture we have of our son was made on the last day he went to work, and another published a picture of him being killed by the PKK / PJAK. They did not even answer the question, where was our son killed and what happened to him? Was his body buried or left in the mountains? They did not explain anything and were not willing to explain.”

“What should I do now? Where can I find my only son? What should I do to his sick mother? What should I do with the mother – who was healthy in every way as long as her son was with her, but we have been moving her around in a blanket, frail as she is since he was abducted – what should I do? Who is responsible for me, the old man and this mother who is grieving and sick ?! Why does PJAK not find out about me now?”


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