LOST in PJAK: Adel Brooki Milan (Part 11)

In a special note to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, a former PJAK member investigates the forced disappearance and death of Iranian Kurdish teenagers in the PJAK / PKK terrorist group, and provides the watchdog with specific information about “Adel Brooki Milan.”

It is worth mentioning that pictures and personal information has been obtained from the official website of PJAK and HPG.

In these notes, this former member of PJAK introduces the person in question and his background and how he was killed.

Name: Adel Brooki ‌ Milan
Nom de guerre: Bahoz Aria
City: Mako
Date of birth: –
Registry date: –
Date of death: 2016- Sirnak

Adel Brooki Milan was one of the few people from the remote villages of Mako that had studied, and got accepted and entered the university.
He also worked if possible to help pay for college and family.

PJAK entered their village in the summer and after collecting ransom from the border people, they talked to him and deceived him into coming with them, and in the hope of finding a way to Europe, he also joined PJAK.

PJAK used his information about local structures. Yet he did not have good chances, as he joined the group during the internal political turmoil in PJAK.

In 2007, he and several others were fired permanently from PJAK. He was one of the few educated Kurmanji people in the group, and was expected to take responsibility for important positions. But the power games inside PJAK at the time, had led to the boycott of appointing Kurmanji Kurds to positions of power.

As a result of his dismissal, he joined the HPG. He was sent to Turkey and was killed in 2016 during the Sirnak war, without knowing the region.

His body was never returned to Iran.

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