Mustafa ran away from the PKK and reunites with his mother on TV

Mustafa Bicer was a minor when he was deceived by PKK affiliates on social media three years ago, and abducted to Syria to join the organization.

In a live broadcast on CNN Turk, the young man tells his story.

He states that he wanted to return home the first day, and had asked his superiors to return him to his parents multiple times over the years. When they did not allow him to, he remained silent and was sent to Zap, Avashin and Khakurke regions of North Iraq.

In the end, Mustafa escaped by dropping himself off a driving vehicle. This after he felt encouraged to do so by seeing his mother – a member of the Diyarbakir anneleri, a group of mothers that protests weekly for their children’s return from the PKK – crying, on television.

After returning home, he also joined the group of protesting family members. Now, he is engaged to a girl that visits the protests in hope for her brother (who was also abducted by PKK) to return home.



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