Ismael Agha Simko’s grandson died of a cardiac attack

Abdullah Simko, son of Tahir Khan and grandson of Ismael Agha Simko, born in 1949, died of cardiac attack in Istanbul. Earlier, his brother Asgar Simko was abducted in 1995 by unknown assailants in Istanbul and later killed.

Who is Ismael Agha Simko?

Ismail Agha Samko, also known as Semitko and sometimes Semitqo, is the son of Mohammad Agha, the head of Shikak tribe from Urmia to Salmas, which is the second most populous Kurdish tribe in Iran after the Kalhor tribe of Kermanshah. Ismael Agha was born in 1887 in Salmas in the village of Chari / Chahrig. When his brother Jafar Agha went to Tabriz to negotiate with the ruler of the city while he had been invited by the ruler, he was tortured to death, contrary to the common principles and customs of the society. Ismael Agha explicitly declared that he would avenge his brother’s blood. With the death of Jafar Agha, Ismael Agha Simko became the head of the tribe. Ismael Agha has repeatedly stated that he loves guns and horse riding.

Simko launched attacks to avenge his brother. From the northern regions of West Azerbaijan to parts of Kurdistan province and all of West Azerbaijan and parts of East Azerbaijan province to Ajab Shir were looted. The looting of Mahabad and the killing of people are not forgotten yet, and for example, the people of Mahabad still say that the fighters of Simko did not even have mercy on the clothes of the people, especially women, they stripped them naked to take their clothes. Simko continued his attacks, firing wherever he could not take anything with him so that it could not be used. An example of this was the burning of the entire Shahin Dej and Miandoab cities markets in the south of West Azerbaijan. Sharafoddin Ghahremani says in the book “The End of Semitko Uprising” that Simko had set fire to Ajab Shir and completely destroyed it, looking like the city of ghosts.

Simko looted for 25 years. Finally, in the summer of 1930, when he was in Iraqi Kurdistan and was visiting Sheikh Mahmoud Barzanji, the British opposed the move and asked the Kurdish tribes there not to shelter him. He had just fled Turkey. In the end, he had no choice but to return to Iran, but he wanted a guarantee. The central government agreed to, on Reza Khan’s order, to pave the way for his return. He was ambushed and killed by Iranian forces as he walked down a street in Oshnaviyeh city to negotiate. He himself had previously killed Marshimon, the Assyrian clergyman, in his house in a similar act, while inviting Marshimon to negotiate.

Many Kurdish writers and political activists in an unrealistic and imaginary act call Simko “the father of Kurdish nationalism in Iran” and claim that he had established a Kurdish government! Now we have to ask them: If the government had been established, which government would have recognized it? Why didn’t he have a government center? Like the usual governments of that period, who made up his cabinet? Just name two ministers. If he had established a Kurdish government, why did he loot all Kurdish areas, especially the south of West Azerbaijan province, including Mahabad? How many universities did he establish during 25 years? If there was a government, why did the Russians and the British deploy their forces in the areas under Simko control at the same time as Simko’s presence? Why was the consulates of Russia, Britain and the United States in Urmia and based in Iran and not in the Simko government while these cities were under Simko’s control? What was the design and color of the Simko flag? …

They definitely do not have the answers to these questions. Simko was an illiterate looter who sought to loot while he was on the back of his horse.

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