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Ismael Agha Simko’s grandson died of a cardiac attack

Abdullah Simko, son of Tahir Khan and grandson of Ismael Agha Simko, born in 1949, died of cardiac attack in Istanbul. Earlier, his brother Asgar Simko was abducted in 1995 by unknown assailants in Istanbul and later killed. Who is Ismael Agha Simko? Ismail Agha Samko, also known as Semitko and sometimes Semitqo, is the […]

Clashes erupt between Turkish proxies in Ras al-Ayn after rape case

Fierce clashes erupted today between the Suqur a-Shammal faction and fighters from Deir Ezzor (Jaysh & Ahrar a-Sharqiya) in Ras al-Ayn after a Suqur fighter kidnapped a woman originally from Deir Ezzor to rape her. Ras al-Ayn was captured from the SDF in the last Turkish invasion of NE Syria and is now ruled by […]

Havoc in Afrin; an analysis

Two years ago, during January 2018, Turkey threatened to launch a major operation in northwestern Syria’s Afrin region. Eventually Turkey did launch the operation, leading to tens of thousands fleeing the Kurdish area. Syrian rebels, some of them linked to religious extremists, vow to defeat the mostly Kurdish fighters who have been working with the […]