Assassination of a former PJAK member in Sulaimaniyah

A former PJAK member was killed by unknown individuals at his workplace in an industrial area of ​​the Jaleh Sulaimaniyah neighborhood in Iraqi Kurdistan.

This person, Behrouz Rahimi, known as “Rebin”, was 49 years old and a native of Diwandarrah, Iranian Kurdistan, who has been living in Iraqi Kurdistan for 10 years as a political asylum seeker.

Persian and Kurdish media sources have emphasized his former membership in PJAK.

According to local media, this member of the armed and militant group PJAK was working as a guard in a warehouse and was shot in the back by the occupants of a car (black BMW) with a pistol (with a muffler) and then transferred to Sulaimaniyah Rebellion Hospital died of severe injuries. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is worth mentioning that PJAK and PKK have assassinated their former members many times and the removal of dissidents of the organization has become a practice in PKK / PJAK.

PJAK forces have previously shot and killed Saman Daneshvar, a former member, in front of his mother and sister while working on a farm in the village where he lives.

The murder of Kolbers that refuse to pay taxes to the group, and the extortion of economic activists, are also among the crimes of PJAK.

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch will publish additional news surrounding the horrific murder on the group’s ex-member next week.

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