IKHRW expresses concern over Kamel Salimi’s fate

Kamel Salimi was one of the teenagers whose story of deception and abduction was published by Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch in 2020. The watchdog had previously talked to his family twice to follow the fate of this Iranian-Kurdish citizen.

Local sources in Panjwin told our local reporters that a number of Iranian teenagers and youths were buried and killed by avalanches and heavy snow in the PJAK headquarters and non-standard caves its members reside in.

Kamel Salimi is the son of Chato, an Iranian teenager, born in 1996 in Urmia (Marghever region). Mr. Chato Salimi, Kamel’s father, told IKHRW that his son has been a member of PJAK since 2019.

In a recent interview (the third interview), he once again told the observer that he was still unaware of his son.

Chato Salimi emphasized that he provided the photo and details of his case so that anyone who has information about his son’s fate can share it with this family.

Mr. Salimi emphasized that despite a face-to-face follow-up, PJAK refused to give a clear answer about Salimi’s fate (on the pretext of his presence in the training course) and that Kamel had not yet contacted his family after three years.

He emphasized that Kamel did not have any particular problem with the Iranian state or his daily life, and was definitely deceived by PJAK.

Iran Kurdistan Human Rights Watch republishes Salimi’s full photo and profile so that journalists and human rights activists in the Kurdish region can provide new information to Salimi’s family.


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