Hyman Ehsani’s mother: We tried hard to bring my son back, but to no avail

Following the ongoing talks with the families of the victims of the PKK / PJAK crimes, the Human Rights Watch of Iran has arranged a conversation with “the mother of Hyman Ehsani”, another victim.

One of the consistent approaches of militant groups such as the PKK / PJAK is that after one or more years of the children being killed, they inform the families that their children have been killed and in most cases do not report their burial place.

According to most families, PJAK has often pressured them NOT to talk to the media about their children, so that they can continue to “violate the rights of Kurdish citizens” in the shadow of media silence.

Another point to consider is that the approach of militant groups such as PJAK in the use of children in war is contrary to their commitment under the Geneva Convention not to use children under the age of 18.

Perhaps the deception and abduction of Kurdish teenagers, youth and, of course, children, and then arming and using them for the purposes and interests of the leaders of militant groups such as PJAK and the PKK, is the only achievement and gift of those claiming to defend the rights of the Kurdish people.

In fact, this is a human rights violation that these groups are constantly insisting on.

Hyman’s mother, who suffered from various diseases after the loss of her child and could hardly speak, but because of the intensity of her hatred of the group was determined to let the world know how PKK has destroyed her family.


The text of the conversation with Hyman Ehsani’s mother is as follows:

My son was only 17 years old and was studying. He told us he was going to camp on behalf of the school, but unfortunately he disappeared later that day. (He joined the PKK in 2014 at the age of 17 amid an ISIS attack on Kobani.)

Until the day we heard the news of Hyman joining the PKK, we had never seen or heard any talk or tendency from Hyman on the issue of groups. Even his older brother, who had a close relationship, never knew of such an issue to prevent Hyman from joining those groups.

To this day, the issue of Hyman joining the PKK and PJAK remains unclear to us.

It took three months from the day Hyman disappeared to find out what had happened to him. Until one day, during a phone call with his brother, he announced that he had joined the PKK and was present in Syria.

We were really shocked to hear such news about why a 17-year-old boy joined the PKK and is present in northern Syria. However, later, when he called us several times, he said that he had met the group through a friend and that he had gone there under the influence of his teenage excitement and the fight against ISIS. He had not even seen a gun up close and had not served in the military to be trained there, let alone go to war.

Given that he was at the height of his adolescence, he liked to be independent. For this reason, he stopped studying in the second year of high school and wanted to create a job for himself. He had no mental problems. Even in family relationships, we had no shortage and we paid attention to him.

He had no contact with us for a long time. But later, he would call from Syria from time to time, but he would hang up very soon. Despite many efforts to find and bring him back, unfortunately, we did not get any results. Every time “Hyman” called us, we insisted that he return.

He himself was eager to return home, but could never escape for fear of being killed by forces there.

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