Family problems and the life story of “Hasti Asadi” 

Oftentimes, we find social or economical problems at the foundation of children’s recruitment by PJAK. In fact, isolated children that experience problems at home, are easy to be ‘groomed’ and lured into the mountains by portraying them a very romantic picture of life there, or the image of possibilities of immigrating to Europe and university education.

These individuals and families of the victims did not find their own destiny, they did not voluntarily get into this much economic, social and other problems, and none of them is happy that their child or children were kidnapped or deceived by Kurdish militants.

The families of Fawzia Mahmoudi and Hasti Asadi are one of several Iranian Kurdish families involved in these issues who have fallen victim to PJAK’s policy of using child soldiers.

As Hasti’s son “Peyman Asadi” stated in an interview with the Human Rights Watch of Iranian Kurdistan, their parents had severe problems with each other for a long time and were even close to divorce.

Peyman emphasizes that his father was not easily going to grant his mother this divorce.

“At the same time, my mother became acquainted with the elements of PJAK through social media. When these elements realized our family problems, they took advantage of this situation and with their own policies and methods, they tricked my mother into running away.”

“I really want to see my mother, even now I’m all grown up. I need my mother.”

“It hurt me so much to think she might have encountered a less ideal situation there instead of the perfect image they sketched for her over social media. She left her phone, and I have read all the messages. She was very naive, and literally believed everything they told her.”

We have repeatedly emphasized that family problems among Iranian Kurdish families are one of the causes and sources of membership in militant groups such as the PKK / PJAK among their children.

The elements of these groups approached them in order to provide the manpower they wanted from among the Iranian Kurdish children, adolescents and youth, and after realizing the economic, social, etc. problems, they made their false promises of a better life, peace. , Easy marriage, car, higher income and education and living in Europe deceive them and take them to their headquarters in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Here, once again, we address the provincial officials in particular, and we urge them to take urgent measures to resolve the various problems of Iranian Kurdish families.

If our officials seek to create the necessary stability and development in the western border areas of the country, they must first of all think about resolving the wide-ranging economic, social, cultural and security problems in the region, and at the same time implementing projects for economic growth.


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