Bayan Ahmadi: Victim of PJAK’s policy of deception

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, Bayan Ahmadi was born in 1991 in Marivan.
Her fate has been left unclear by PJAK ever since she was tricked into joining the group, and neither has the group published any information about the fate of this Iranian girl.

In an interview with IKHRW’s reporter, Bayan Ahmadi’s brother, despite his reluctance, concern and sadness, told the bitter story of his younger sister as follows:

“I really still do not believe that my sister has been killed, right now, even though I have no money or valuable things in this world, I am even willing to sell and donate my most vital organs to find the slightest news of my little sister.
My sister left home 11 years ago when she was about to turn 18 years old. She had just finished high school. Bayan had no problems with our family, and had in fact close emotional relationships with family members.
It is true that our family was not rich and we had no money, and sometimes we even lacked bread for the night, but mentally and emotionally, we were a good family and we had a good family life together.”


“But as I said, we were very weak financially, and maybe that was what helped. Bayan had no background in armed groups and did not even know them at all! Until now, we do not understand at all how she left home and became a member of this group… !!”

“Until 7 months ago, when our father died of grief from being away from Bayan, this was also a question for him, what did he say? “What made them kill her? Are you really killed? Or is she really alive? If she was killed, where was she buried?””

“I remember one sentence from my father in his last breath, and that was, “I’m sure my daughter was not killed and I’ll wait.” But his hard life was not in this world and he left us and passed away. Without seeing Bayan again, his daughter… “

“I will prove to you with my and my father’s documents and passports that we went to Qandil and different parts of Iraq exactly 22 times, but they did not even allow us to see our little sister for a moment. I feel like we heard her one day. Apparently they kept her in another room, we told them we heard our daughter’s voice but they still denied it and denied her presence in Qandil. I do not know, I wish we had seen her at that time, but still let me say that they did not give her to us and said that she is not here! They said it as if we were lying.”

“After that, my father had problems and even my mother has had two open heart surgeries since then. So where has the ‘honor’ of having a group member in the family gone? Where is the religion and belief? Why didn’t they show her to us? Why did they make our father mourn his little girl and die? Why does my mother have to suffer so much? Where is my sister’s body? Where is her tomb? How was she killed? What is this war that killed the girl and broke up the family? My father was a hero. It is true that he had no wealth. But he had a heroic reputation among all. How can such a hero be defeated? I’m sure his daughter’s grief…”

“Until 7 months ago, when my father passed away, all his pain was not being there and seeing his daughter, and until the last moment of his life, he mentioned his daughter’s name. Do you think it is easy for a father to tell you that I am dying without seeing my daughter… Will my mother be able to survive now ?! Our whole family never has any opinion about armed groups. My sister was deceived and killed, and we have not heard from her burial place for 11 years. If she was killed, where was she buried? If she is alive, why not go home? My father has only been thinking about expression since 2010 and this took him away from us…”

“PJAK killed my sister and father, but is not responsible!”

“I want to say only one thing: “I wish my mother did not wait for death like my father, because when my father waited for his daughter… He wished to be released…”


Cover photo is not Bayan Ahmadi, no photos of Bayan Ahmadi have been presented in PKK/PJAK media, as they did with all other members killed in action. Her fate thus remains unclear.

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