Video shows PKK preventing citizens to vote in Sinjar


PKK militants and militias again barred KDP supporters from entering Sinjar to cast their ballots for their candidates.

With the start of the Iraqi general election voting, many voters have already flocked to the Sinjar area to cast their ballots for their candidates.

But PKK militants and militias blocked their way and prevented them from entering Sinjar city.

One of the young men took a video on his phone and said in Arabic, “They won’t let us go in and vote for the KDP. We also have ballot papers but they still do not allow us to cast our vote. ”

PKK militants and militias did not allow KDP candidates in Sinjar to enter the area and work among their members and supporters during the election campaign.

It is estimated a 14.000 people in Sinjar’s surroundings have no way to cast their vote.

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