The lost Iranian-Kurdish children: “Vahid Karimi” from Baneh

According to the information received by the Human Rights Watch of Iranian Kurdistan and verified, “Vahid Karimi” with the organizational name of “Zerdesht Tolhildan” is from Baneh, Kurdistan province.

According to this information, he was born in the city of Baneh, his father’s name is “Mahmoud” and his mother’s name is “Esmat”.


At age 15, he was recruited in 2012 in unconventional ways by PKK and PJAK militants, and there has been no accurate information about him since then.

His family has tried very hard to find him.

IKHRW is trying to obtain more information from him, which it will publish as soon as it is available. We also ask those who have any information about “Vahid Karimi” to contact us.

It is worth mentioning that he was allegedly killed on May 31, 2017 in the Diyarbakir region, but there is no evidence to prove this claim, and there is no news about him, or his burial place.


Earlier, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch issued a call for the disappearance of Iranian Kurdish children, in which it asked all human rights organizations and associations to assist the collection in order to better address this issue.

Although a case such as Vahid’s case may seem ‘old’, his family is still waiting for any news concerning his mortal remains.

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