KRG’s Ali Mohammad Saleh files lawsuit against Ibrahim Khalil border officials

A member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will file a lawsuit against the imposition of additional taxes and the consequent increase in pressure on the people.

Ali Mohammad Saleh, a member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government, tweeted that adding several new programs to the budget and taxes and presenting these new plans to companies to increase taxes on the people is against Iraqi law, and he declared he’d file a lawsuit.

He continued by stating  “I will not give up and I will follow this issue through legal channels to prevent the implementation of these programs and the extortion of our people.”

Also, this member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Assembly says : “I referred this issue to the prosecutor’s office and requested that the Regional Assembly hold a meeting on this issue, and that it is necessary for the people to prevent this issue.”

Following the statements of Ali Mohammad Saleh, a member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Assembly, 30 border employees of Ibrahim Khalil have been arrested following reports of extortion and corruption.

It is worth mentioning that corruption has spread through all layers of the Kurdistan Region Government, and we are witnessing its pressure on the Kurdish people and the KRG’s economy day by day.

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