Iranian PKK member killed in airstrike when visiting a Duhok doctor’s clinic

PKK-affiliated media confirmed the deaths of four of its members, including an Iranian, in Turkish airstrikes, media sources stated: “May 20, a group of PKK members returning from a clinic near the village of Mangeshk, near Duhok. The PKK emphasized that its four members were not armed, and had no major responsibilities, and that their targeting was carried out in collaboration with both local intelligence agents and the Turkish military.

Of course, the important point in this news was the emphasis on the return of these people from the clinic, which the PKK had not emphasized before this news. Is it simply about treating the wounded? Or does the return of these people from the clinic mean a more serious outbreak of the coronavirus at PKK camps? Something that the PKK had been silent about before, and many worried families contact us about. Another important point is not to include the photo of the fourth person.

Another important issue is Turkey’s approach in this regard. Why should the Turkish army target the group’s unarmed forces under the pretext of the PKK’s presence? Basically, why should the territorial integrity of Iraq and the climate be violated by Turkey on a daily basis?

The PKK has announced that one of the killed people is an Iranian and “Babak Abdi Sanandaji” with the nom de guerre “Dara Beritan” was born in Sanandaj.

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