Idlib; Turkish hidden Agenda

Berwari, a Kurdish analyst in Iraqi Kurdistan, says “Turkey has been claiming that it’s involvement in Syria particularly in Idlib province is for humanitarian reasons, to protect people from being killed by Assad’s military force, and to avoid refugee crisis at it’s door.”

The writer continues as saying “Ultimately, Turkey says it’s humanitarian mission in Syria should be completed and she has no intention to stay in Syria for ever. However, the truth is, Turkey under Erdogan rule shows that she has aspirations of becoming a global superpower.”

Writing on the characteristics of super powers, the analyst adds, “As you might know that the characteristics of a superpower country are, to have a major power and role in international politics and project power, diplomatic, financial and military, beyond its borders as well as possessing nuclear weapons.”

Like any superpower country, Turkey wants to become an independent country with a strong and advanced military and economics like US, Russia, China, France and UK and hence becomes a permanent member of UN security Council.

In order to achieve the goal, Turkey is trying to control, or at least have influence over the oil-rich countries of the Middle East. It considers itself as the leader and defender of Islamic countries and hence the military involvement in Syria and Iraq and now Libya are clear examples.

There are however obstacles to her aspirations. The first and foremost is the opposition from other Sunni countries such as Saudi Arabia.

The second obstacle on the way of Turkey is that no western nuclear power including Russia, will allow or assist Turkey in her nuclear endeavor.

There is still a long way for Turkey to become a superpower in the world because it doesn’t have a strong economy and military power like US, Russia, UK, France and China.

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