GenevaCall’s former director responds to the request of the IKHRW

The correspondent of Iran Human Rights Watch in Iran has conducted continuous follow-ups in the framework of gaining the support of international human rights organizations to stand up for the rights of Iranian Kurdish children. 

Our correspondent contacted Elizabeth Dekrey Warner, the former director of the Geneva Call, who has expressed her support of Iranian Kurdish children who have fallen victim to the policy of using minors in armed conflicts.

Below, you can read her response:


It should be noted that the PKK and its Iranian branch, PJAK, have signed an agreement to ban the use of children in military situations, but this international commitment remains only on paper and the group’s human rights violations continue. The continuation of the recruitment of minors by these groups has been largely ignored by human rights organizations.

The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has continuously published numerous interviews and reports on the realization of the rights of Iranian Kurdish families who have fallen victim to this practice of PKK/PJAK, including serious demands and detailed reports for foreign human rights institutions and organizations.

The international community, but also the Iranian government, need to stop ignoring minors being recruited by militant groups in the Kurdish region of the country.

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