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New cynical record-breaking; The PKK announces of the death of its Iranian recruits 21 months late

The PKK is a specialist at massacres. The victims by this group are mostly Kurds. Wherever the PKK has been present; in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran; the groups has harmed the Kurds who have been killed and have finally gained nothing but destruction, misery and displacement. What are the achievements of the PKK? Neither […]

An Iranian member of PJAK dies of COVID-19; IKHRW already predicted

Quoting local sources, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has recently reported that Haval Hamza, an Iranian member of the PJAK terrorist group, had been infected by COVID-19, but PJAK leaders prevented him from medical treatment. Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, the IKHRW had warned on the lack of hygiene in the PKK/PJAK […]

An Iranian member of PJAK terrorist group escaped its camps

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), a documentary report of the IKHRW on the burial and death of some Iranian teenagers and young people in PJAK headquarters and living caves of the group following avalanches and heavy snow led to many reactions and questions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the […]

Nasser Razazi: The Kurds are Iranians, not separatists

Nasser Razazi, a well-known singer who some time ago collaborated with Kurdish armed groups, including Komala, at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and then sharply criticized their actions and broke away, published a video message in which he denied any Kurdish separatism and blamed others for accusing the Kurds of separatism. He […]

A Belgian doctor warns; Germany an immigrant hell

A Belgian physician named H. works at a health center. He has traveled to Iran twice and is a human rights activist while working in the health sector. Speaking to Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch and considering the spread of Coronavirus in Iran and the efforts of Iranian doctors and nurses to contain the virus […]
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