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Four journalists arrested for revealing Turkish army crimes

Following the news of the arrest of two Kurdish farmers in a village in Van province and their intentional drop from a helicopter by the Turkish military, public opinion in social media reacted widely and Amnesty International called for an independent investigation. This made the record of widespread human rights violations by Turkey against the […]

Ayda Hassan, Yazidi Girl: The Peshmerga raped us

In this video, a human rights activist interviews Ayda Hassan, a Yazidi girl from Sinjar/Shangal. Ayda Hassan, along with several other Yazidi girls, went to an official center of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to complain about the Peshmerga, but she said, instead of settling the problem, we were slapped and beaten by the official.The […]

Erdogan, the murderer of Kurdish children, must be tried

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to commit crimes against the Syrian people, including the Kurds, in Afrin by occupying Syrian territory and supporting ISIS and other violent terrorist groups. The gunmen affiliated to these terrorist groups once again committed crimes following an international committee of inquiry of the United Nations recently announced that Turkish-affiliated […]

Several documented cases of PKK crimes against Kurdish civilians in the Doski area

Honorary Reporter of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has sent the following report from the Doski area in Duhok province, to Introduce PKK crimes against the civilians, the translation of which is presented along with photos of a number of victims: “If we want to write about the PKK’s crimes against civilians, we can write […]

Geostratos: PKK is an organized network for drug production and distribution

Among the anti-human activities of the PKK, we can mention drugs that are financially very profitable. “The Geopolitical Observatory of Narcotics” confirms that “narcotics confiscated in Turkey, as in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands, where a significant Kurdish diaspora lives, indicates that narcotics are the source of funding for the PKK activities (military, […]

The call of Murad Karayilan and the girls’ response

Murad Karayilan, commander of the PKK’s armed wing and its affiliates, is seeking to make up for the loss of armed fighters following repeated PKK defeats in decades-old strategic locations in northern Iraq that killed many PKK members. Following the PKK’s call, its members tried hard and eventually abducted about a dozen underage girls, even […]

۸-year old brutally murdered in Duhok province

An 8-year old Syrian child of Arab origins has been found brutally murdered, hit on the head with a big block of concrete. He was found yesterday near the Domiz mosque, located close to refugee camp Domiz, in the Zummar area of Duhok province. Duhok province is one of the areas under KDP control and […]
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