۳۲ cases of femicide in Iranian Kurdistan in 2021

Femicide, or murder of women, is unfortunately an all too familiar phenomenon in Kurdistan. Despite various legislations and criminal approaches, in 2021 the number of murders of Kurdish women in Iran, Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan is again steadily increasing.


Hundreds of women were killed in Turkey in 2021, the same year Ankara officially withdrew from an international treaty for combatting violence against women, a media outlet reported late Wednesday.

At least 342 women were killed over the past year, an estimated increase of 40 murders compared to ۲۰۲۰, the independent Turkish news outlet Bianet said in a recent report.

Thirty four women were killed in December alone, with Antalya province seeing the highest number of murders, it added.

The rise in femicide in Turkey comes as Turkey officially quit the Istanbul Convention in July last year. The landmark agreement, signed by 45 countries and the European Union, requires governments to adopt legislation prosecuting domestic violence and gender-based abuse as well as marital rape and female genital mutilation.

Conservatives within Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party pushed for the withdrawal, claiming the convention damaged family unity, promoted divorce and acceptance of the LGBT community.

Among the December murders is one of a trans woman, Bianet noted.

However, a Turkish monitoring group, the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, raised the toll of murdered women in Turkey to 497 in a report published on Tuesday.


Iraqi Kurdistan

According to the data obtained by IKHRW, in the first half of 2021, 8 women were killed by their relatives, 34 women committed suicide, 48 women set fire to themselves, 55 were sexually harassed, and 5079 complaints were registered by women.

Between 2012 and 2021 – only nine and half years – ۴۴۱۴ incidents of violence against women have been recorded which include femicide, suicide, burning, self-immolation and sexual harrasement. During that period, 939 women have been killed or committed suicide. Also, 1075 sexual harassment and assault cases have been recored by the Directorate for Combating Violence Against Family and Women. Furthermore, tens of thousands of complaints have been made to the same directorate.

This has been happening while the Iraqi Kurdistan region’s government (KRG) officials promise to combat violence against women every year.


Iranian Kurdistan

In 2021, at least 32 cases of femicide were registered in Iranian Kurdistan. These murders were generally committed by the men in the family for various reasons.



Full list of women that were murdered in Iranian Kurdistan in 2021

Name Location Date Description
۱ Sonia Dehghan Sardasht ۱۳ Jan Killed by brother and cousin, 22-year-old mother of one
۲ Laleh (or Zhaleh) Kazemi ۲ Feb Killed by husband, 31 years old
۳ Parivash Zafari ۲ Feb Killed by client’s husband, lawyer
۴ Ashraf Nikoui Orumiyeh ۳ Feb Killed by brother and nephew, 32-year-old mother of three
۵ Unknown Kermanshah ۱۴ Feb Killed by husband
۶ Azizeh Haghi Orumiyeh ۲۴ Feb Killed by husband
۷ Unknown ۲۴ May Stabbed and killed by husband
۸ Jiran Yaghoubpour North Iran ۳ June Killed and her body burnt by husband during travel to North Iran, from Piranshahr
۹ Unknown Ilam ۵ June Stabbed and killed by husband
۱۰ Unknown Kermanshah ۵ June Killed by ex-husband
۱۱ Unknown Kermanshah ۵ June Killed by sister’s ex-husband
۱۲ Homeira Bazgir Khorramabadi Darreh Shahr ۷ June Shot and killed by husband
۱۳ Golaleh Sheikhi Sanandaj ۸ June Burned by husband, 26 years old
۱۴ Shakiba Bakhtiar Kermanshah ۵ July Killed by father for returning home late, 16 years old
۱۵ Bayan Moradi Sanandaj ۲۵ July Shot and killed by husband, mother of three
۱۶ Sahar Moradi Sanandaj ۲۵ July Killed by sister’s husband, pregnant
۱۷ Homa Hajipour Sardasht ۲۶ July Killed by husband, mother of two
۱۸ Saada Espandar Sardasht ۲۶ July Killed by friend’s husband, died after two days in hospital
۱۹ Monireh Ghaderi Marivan ۱ Aug Killed by husband
۲۰ Ayeshe Aslani Sanandaj ۶ Aug Killed by son in law
۲۱ Shilan Mondami Sanandaj ۶ Aug Husband killed her and 3 other family members
۲۲ Sara Pirzadi Harsin ۸ Aug Killed by cousin after she married someone else
۲۳ Sabri Khal’atbari Saqqez ۲۲ Aug Killed by husband
۲۴ Marzieh Hasseli Ravansar ۲۴ Sept Killer/killers burnt her body after killing her
۲۵ Faezeh Malekinia Korkoreh (also Dowlatabad) village Sanandaj ۲ Oct Burned by father, 22-year-old
۲۶ Leila Shakiba Hamedan ۱۵ Oct Murdered by husband, 39-year-old, from Sanadaj
۲۷ Unknown Ilam ۲۳ Oct Stabbed and killed by husband
۲۸ Asiyeh Akbari Sonqor, Kermanshah ۱ Nov Killed by husband
۲۹ Arezou Olfati Kermanshah ۳ Nov Killed by the man who wanted to marry her
۳۰ Negar Ahmadi Asad Abad, Hamedan ۵ Nov Killed by the man who wanted to marry her
۳۱ Sorayya Yari Kermanshah ۲۲ Nov Husband killed her and committed suicide using a gun
۳۲ Sahar Moradi Baba Riz village of Sanandaj ۵ Dec Mother of two, 32-years-old, beaten to death by brothers
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