Mehdi was handed over to the PAK militias for money

Mehdi told his father: I really didn’t want to come to such a place, I just wanted to leave Iran and become a refugee in a European country.

Mehdi Khasi was born in 2001 in Ilam city, and because of family problems, he decided to leave the country and become a refugee in a European country. For this reason, he was introduced to several people as a smuggler through one of his friends, but as soon as he left Iran and entered Iraq, he was handed over to the city of Erbil and handed over to PAK militias (Kurdistan Freedom Party).

In this regard, Hossein Khasi, the mentioned father, said in an interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch reporter: We had problems with my teenage son for some time, and this made Mehdi decide to leave home. When he left the house, we didn’t hear from him for two days. Of course, we also thought that because of these problems, he decided to be away from his family for a while to provide favorable conditions, but after two days, Mehdi called me from an Iraqi number. He was arrested and said that he intended to go outside of Iran, but he was handed over to PAK militias by the people who were supposed to take him out of the country, and they received money for handing him over.

Mehdi said he was going to return, but at the same time the phone was disconnected, so I decided to look for my son. When I arrived in Iraq, I reached PAK headquarters, but my efforts did not get anywhere, that’s why I decided to pursue Mehdi’s situation through legal means and immediately filed a complaint and assistance from human rights institutions through the consulate in Erbil and the judicial institutions of the regional government. After many follow-ups, I was able to have a meeting with Mehdi.

When I was talking to my son, he was very sorry for what he had done and told me that I really didn’t want to come to such a place, I just intended to leave Iran and become a refugee in a European country. I had no idea that these smugglers were getting paid for delivering me to this group.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk to Mehdi much because when I was talking to my son, there were two armed guards by our side and they even threatened me and my son several times not to talk about returning to our country.

They threatened me several times that they would kill me if I continued talking about the return of Mehdi. I had to return to Iran, but during these two years, I went to Iraq several more times to find out about the fate of my child, but my efforts were not successful. I really don’t know what to do anymore! To which organization should I file my complaint? Mehdi started this way out of stubbornness and childishness and it is difficult to return, I don’t know, maybe there will be no return! But I am still doing my best and I am trying to return my son, and in the meantime, I am asking all human rights institutions and organizations that can help me to return my son.

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