Widespread human rights abuses, kidnappings, and killings of dissidents by Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) militants

PYD, as the political branch of the PKK in Syria, has pursued authoritarian policies in the Kurdish regions of Syria since the beginning of the crisis in the country. The crackdown on dissent, the closure of political space for the activities of other Kurdish groups, the arbitrary detention, assassination and abduction of dissidents, and the activities of PKK-affiliated militias in Syria have been repeatedly protested by international human rights organizations.

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Amnesty International announced; Arbitrary Detention and Unfair Trials by Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) Militants


It has not been long since the brutal torture and murder of Amin Issa by PKK (Amin Issa Torture) militants, who kidnap and torture a political opponent in the city of Kobani.

Osab Berkel, a political activist in Syrian Kurdistan, said the PYD was threatening his family and friends to pressure him.

Berkel’s cousin was abducted and tortured last week by PYD militants for criticizing the PKK.

PYD-linked militants recently abducted Abdul Karim Sufi, of whom no information is yet available.

PYD forces also killed two of their hostages. Amir Hamed in 2014, and Fouad Ebrahim (left and right images in the photo below) have been abducted and killed by the PYD since 2017. Their bodies have not been returned to their families.

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