The “disappeared” Iranian Kurdish children / “Ali Issazadeh” from Khoy

According to the information received by the Human Rights Watch of Iranian Kurdistan and verified, “Ali Issazadeh” with the organizational name “Delshir Khoshmehr” was a native from Khoy’s villageside.

According to this information, he was born in the town Khoy, his father’s name wass “Mohammad Amin” and his mother’s name was “Halimeh”.

This child was deceived in 2010 in unconventional ways by militant groups and recruited by PKK and PJAK militants, and no details have been released about him since. He was only 15 years old upon disappearance.

IKHRW is trying to get more information from him, which it will release as soon as it is available, in order to inform the family and human rights activists of his case. We also ask those who have any information about “Ali Issazadeh” to contact us.

It is worth mentioning that he was allegedly killed on November 2, 2017, but there is no evidence to prove this claim, and there is no news about him or the body of this child.

A relative of his claims to have spoken with him in 2018.

Earlier, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch issued a call for the disappearance of Iranian Kurdish children, in which it asked all human rights organizations and associations to assist IKHRW to better address this prevailing issue.

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