Statement by Syrian Yezidis on Kidnapping of Minor by PYD in Aleppo

On Friday, the Yezidis Council of Syria issued a statement condemning the abduction and recruitment of minor children by PYD militias in the party’s camps, calling their actions a “terrorist act”.

According to Zaitun Agency, the statement noted that the lives of people in Aleppo and al-Shahba camps in the Aleppo countryside, which are controlled by the “SDF terrorist militia,” are not immune from danger.

It explained that the youth organization of the PYD party continues to kidnap minors “from the arms of their mothers and take them to unknown sites and fronts in a terrorist manner, as the Syrian Kurds have nothing to do with it”.

It continued: Despite the condemnations, and protests that are taking place and continue to take place against kidnappings, the targeting of victims by the “Joanne Şurshark Organization continues.

The last victim of these militias, the minor Yezidi girl, Silva bint Hamid Jaafar, born in the village of Basoufan, was kidnapped in broad daylight on the school road in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo city, and taken to an unknown destination.

The father of the abducted minor confirmed to the Yezidis Council of Syria that, from the first hours of the kidnapping of their child to date, they did not leave any security, administrative, or human rights body from the PYD, and the Autonomous Administration, without asking it about the fate of their daughter. However, they did not receive any clarification from the PYD militias, nor were they able to know the fate of their child. He pointed out that Silva is sick and suffers from loss of consciousness for intermittent periods, according to medical reports.

The council’s statement also indicated that, after receiving a report from the girl’s family, they publicly and officially contacted the stakeholders and officials of the PYD party, the Autonomous Administration, SDF, and SDC, but they were unable to know the fate and whereabouts of Silva.

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