PKK’s establishment story;

“The 15th of May, according to the PKK, is the day of the killing of “Hakki Karer” and the beginning of a group called “PKK”.

Every year, a celebration is held in the name of Hakki and the beginning of today’s movement to establish the PKK is led by the group’s leadership.

However, 43 years after the establishment of the PKK, the PKK has not been able to liberate even one village or neighborhood of Turkey!

In addition, ordinary people are imprisoned on a daily basis and their crimes are mentioned as ‘aiding and abetting terrorism’, thus membership of this group.

Every day, Kurdish children become the main victims of PKK lies and slogans, as they are recruited for a certain death in the mountains, in a fruitless battle against the highly advanced technologies of the Turkish army, a NATO force.

The PKK not only failed to make any progress during these years, but also skillfully assisted in Turkey’s invasion of Iraq and Syria, and daily killed Kurdish children and people who did not know PKK was the one behind the scenes in all of these murders.

Prisons in the mountains under the fire of Turkish planes and tanks helped to prevent the proliferation of Kurdish youth in the fight against fascist Turkey, and to imprison girls and boys who were taught to hold weapons, kill and use violence instead of school and pens, and thus could not do any more meaningful job to support the Kurdish cause.

The PKK is exposed to the world for the reality of its behavior in the wars in Syria and Sinjar in Iraq, to actually advance Turkey and lead the way for it to invade the territory of the two countries and help it in some kind of Ottoman colonial strategy.

The PKK has played a significant role in the history of its existence and establishment inside and outside the country, trying to dismantle the thoughts of a Kurdish autonomous state through the promotion of a different ideology, whether in Turkey, Kurdistan or other regions.

What is worth mentioning are who were the real killers? Where are they and what was the reason for his death?

What is clear is that Ocalan, who was in prison, was tasked with destroying all leftist movements in Turkey, according to information obtained that prove Ocalan was in fact under MIT’s control.

The “establishment of the PKK” was carried out with the help of the United States and the West, and of course with the consent of Turkey.

Hakki Karer and Muhammed Hayri Durmus were among the youth and left-wing leaders, along with Maher Cayan, Ibrahim Kapaklikaya and Deniz Gezmis.

They promoted leftist ideas in Turkey, and were succesfull at gathering a large following, so Ocalan infiltrated them and used the momentum of their movements, and then, put the name of the PKK at the helm and installed the leadership of the PKK in their places.

What we are witnessing today is the destruction of independent thoughts outside the PKK’s thoughts in the region, and the so-called “fake Kurdistan” and enmity with all separate Kurdish and leftists parties and thoughts without their ideology in the region, led by the PKK.

In its 43-year history, the PKK also removed the internal opposition from its path and did not even show mercy to Ocalan’s brother “Osman Ocalan”, who had to flee from its ranks.

Today, we are witnessing the PKK’s plans against Kurdish parties in Iraq and Syria: “One flag, one idea, one thought and one color”, then called PKK democracy. Democracy without fair elections, oppression of other Kurdish parties, and a lack of dialogue.

Deceived Kurdish children, deceived by their appearance of ‘heroes’ through elaborate media campaigns and infiltration of Kurdish music, movie and written word culture, who believing their lies, enter dark and irreversible prisons in the mountains, and their families wait to hear that they have been killed, which is all that the PKK responds to them.”

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