LOST in PJAK: Sirvan Mojaver (Part 9)

In a special note to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, a former PJAK member investigates the forced disappearance and death of Iranian Kurdish teenagers in the PJAK / PKK terrorist group, and provides the watchdog with specific information about “Sirvan Mojavar.”

It is worth mentioning that pictures and personal information has been obtained from the official website of PJAK and HPG.

In these notes, this former member of PJAK introduces the person in question and his background and how he was killed.

Name: Sirvan Mojavar
Organizational name: Khoshmehr Zilan
City: Bukan

Date of birth: –

Joined: 2008

Date of death: 2012 – Hakari


I remember Sirvan well. He was a sophomore who was deceived by PJAK and aspired to become an engineer. Finally he became an engineer! Of course, a PJAK cave engineer! From the first month of entering the training course, he intended to leave PJAK; But it was too late and he was sent to the Turkish border. That was after he had spend months digging caves with a hammer, a bucket and his bare hands.

This silent and beloved child could not escape and could not be sent to the war zone. Finally, he reluctantly accepted to go to Hakkari, a place where even mountain animals struggle to climb up and down the steep mountains. And that is where he died.

Growing up in a middle-class family, he longed to see his parents.

His mother, who had grown old by the PJAK / PKK crime’s only hope in life was Sirvan, and even his grave was obscure to her. She went to Qandil several times and stayed in a village to get at least her son’s body back, but failed to obtain it.

Sirvan was killed in Turkey and PJAK did not accept responsibility.

Sirvan, like thousands of young Iranians, fell victim to PJAK terrorism.

He was killed and his body was lost in the PKK-Turkey war, which has nothing to do with the Iranian Kurds.

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