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Two Kurdish MP called for a cut in the KRG budget again

A Kurdish news website in the Kurdistan Region reported that two Kurdish members of the Iraqi parliament had asked the central government not to send 320 billion dinars as salaries to the Kurdistan Region. Yesterday, Iraqi government spokesman Ahmad Talal announced that they were committed to the Baghdad-Erbil agreement to send 320 billion dinars as […]

Teacher from Koya collects his salary in winter clothing

Teachers in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have massively protested the delay of their salary in Duhok, Hewler and Suleimania over the last days. More than 100 arrests have been made by Barzani’s KDP in an attempt to stop the protests. . This teacher found another, quite funny way to protest the delay of his […]

KDP arrests at least 10 teachers

Teachers and public sector employees protested in Duhok today (May 16) over delays in the disbursement of their salaries, with strict measures taken by the security forces to contain the demonstration. A source said that the protesters gathered in Azadi Park just after 3 p.m. as planned, but that the security forces intervened to prevent […]