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Disclosure of reasons for membership of Fariba Piri in Democrat and PAK armed groups

Fariba Piri was initially recruited by the Democrat group and then PAK. According to the IKHRW, one of the reasons and backgrounds for the recruitment of Kurdish armed groups in Kurdish areas of Iran is unsuccessful marriage experiences of women who are likely forced to marry due to family pressure and after divorce, in order […]

Corruption in the Kurdistan Region; It is the result of corrupt groups that have taken over the government

One of the biggest corruption cases in the Kurdistan Region is the lack of accurate information on the region’s revenues. If you are a student of political science and have studied at any university in the world, even if it is not accredited, or learn politics like Nechirvan Idris Barzani – the current president of […]

The necessity of disarming the Kurdish groups in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) expressed concern about the rising tension between Kurdish parties opposing Iran in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, after it emphasized the necessity while ago. The armedness of the Kurdish parties opposing Iran has shifted them from the political phase to the armed phase for many years. This approach has […]