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Aldar Khalil: Sweden supports Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue

Aldar Khalil, a member of PYD and the head of the PKK-affiliated self-adminstration in northern Syria, announced that a delegation from Sweden had traveled to the north and northeast of Syria and supporting the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue during their meetings. The Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue refers to talks between the two factions affiliated to Ocalan and Barzani over […]

Violence against women in North-East Syria

The PKK’s leading ideology, that is followed by the self-proclaimed Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria and its militia SDF, holds a great amount of radical feminism. The militias have been able to recruit a great amount of women, have started women’s foundations and have given women in the region greater freedom than they have seen […]

Rape by Turkish army officials

Last night, citizens of Shirnak, Turkey, caught a Turkish sergeant major A. A. when they heard his victim, a 13-yr old local girl, screaming for help. The sergeant major attempted to rape the girl. The attack has caused great outcry by the local population and does not come alone, as the life-threatening condition of an […]