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Barzani: PKK must leave the Kurdistan Region

Masrour ​​Barzani emphasized that the PKK is not an alternative to the Kurdistan government and that the organization should respect the government of Kurdistan. Speaking to Qatar-based Al Jazeera television, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Mesrur ​​Barzani answered questions on the agenda. Prime Minister Masrour ​​Barzani, who answered a question about the military operations carried out […]

Why Masrour Barzani Should Resign From Leading Iraqi Kurdistan

The region cannot survive incompetent governance. by Michael Rubin Kurds once billed themselves “The Other Iraq,” a region where democracy and security thrived, but today Iraqi Kurdistan is on fire. Security forces gun down protestors, Kurdish civilians return the favor, and protestors burn political party flags and even photos of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) founder […]