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The right to the environment

The right to the environment and the necessity of the Iranian government attention to the environment in Kurdistan province.   “In the Islamic Republic, the protection of the environment, in which today and future generations should have a growing social life, is considered a public duty. Therefore, economic activities and other activities related to environmental […]


SUMMARY In light of environmental terrorism, this report looks into the forest arsons commit- ted by the outlawed terror organisation PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and the rhetoric used to legitimize them. Throughout last summer, forest fires both in Turkey and across the world re- ceived wide coverage in the public media. As opposed to the […]

Ecoterrorism in the spotlight of the PKK

The PKK and its branches are active in various fields of terrorism from economic terrorism, digital terrorism to narcoterrorism and environmental terrorism or ecoterrorism. The group has established a branch called the Initiative of the Fire Children, whose sole purpose is to set fire to forests in nature and to people’s homes and cars on […]

PKK’s terror initiative: Children of Fire

The ‘Children of Fire Initiative’, which claims to be a branch of the terrorist organization PKK, which showed its presence on the social networking site Twitter, explained that they caused dozens of fires across Turkey between early 2019 and now. Stating that they will continue to start fires systematically, the group used the following expressions […]