Pooria Tabei’s father: We tried to see our child for more than two years, but we couldn’t! 


Following the ongoing talks with the families of the victims of the PKK / PJAK crimes, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has arranged a conversation with the father of “Pourya Tabei”, a member of PJAK.

It seems that the PKK / PJAK train does not intend to stop for the death of Kurdish children and youth.

The approach of militant groups such as PJAK in the use of children in war is contrary to their commitment under the Geneva Convention not to use children under the age of 18.

Perhaps the deception and abduction of Kurdish teenagers, youth and, of course, children, and then arming and using them for the purposes and interests of the leaders of militant groups such as PJAK and the PKK, is the only achievement and gift of those claiming to defend the rights of the Kurdish people.

In fact, this is a human rights violation that these groups are constantly insisting on.

While violence is despised around the world and issues are resolved through diplomacy, dialogue and dialogue with other human beings, PJAK, the PKK branch, continues to promote violence to target more Kurdish youth. Send to death.

Most of these children (under 18) are abused, threatened with drug addiction, or paid money.

Because children are so easily influenced, they are also easily trapped by the PKK. For example, they are kidnapped or deceived on the way to school, or they persuade a poor family to provide for their children for a small fee.

The PKK, on ​​the other hand, can easily achieve its goals by sacrificing children, because children have less perception of disaster on the battlefield than adults, in other words, they are bolder.

Sometimes they do dangerous things that adults are not willing to do. They spy, or carry explosives easily.

One of these children is “Pouria Tabei”.

The full text of the conversation with Pouria Tabei’s father is as follows:

Pouria Jan, two years and three months have passed since the news of your death in Syria.

It’s hard if it’s true but we did not believe it. For two years and three months we tried to see your voice and image in any way, but it was not possible.

Through this video, I ask news or government channels to bring us your audio and video.

Pouria Jan, you know that every parent wishes their child to be with them.

The success and pride of the child is the dream of every parent. Parents are open to their children, and every parent wants their child to be perfect.

You make the right and wise decision, if you want to come back, our open arms are ready to accept you.

If not coming is in your favor, then decide for yourself. God bless you.

When you entrust yourself to God, you are not alone anywhere, but try to show us your voice and image and meet us. Hope to see God keep and protect.


**Video statement of the parents can be provided for Human Rights organizations.

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