“Both Turkey and the US are fascists,” the Iraqi Kurdish journalist told the IKHRW

An Iraqi Kurdish journalist has sharply criticized the US and Turkish governments for failing to deal with their linguistic and color minorities, accusing the two countries of pursuing fascist and systematic policies to destroy Kurds in Turkey and the black in the United States. Following the killing of a 20-year-old Kurdish young man in Turkey by a number of extremist Turks for listening to Kurdish music, this caused a widespread reaction among the Kurds.

In a reaction, Iraqi Kurdish journalist Sasan Muhammad called the Turkish government “fascist” and described the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), as “a source of misery for the Kurds”, in line with the Turkish government linguistic policy.

“The PKK must stop violence and promoting Turkish among the Kurds,” the journalist told the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW). Kurds in Turkey do not need violence. The Turkish government welcomes the PKK’s violent approach because it easily kills Kurds and promotes anti-Kurdish sentiment in public opinion. Such an atmosphere would lead to murders like the murder of this young Kurd. ”

Sasan Muhammad went on to describe the PKK’s policy towards the Kurds as “in line with the Turkish government’s policy” and condemned it. “The current behavior of Turkish society is in many cases the result of the PKK’s violent actions, and innocent people, such as Barish Chakan, are being killed,” he said. That is why it is necessary for the PKK to stop its violence and for the Turkish government to end its official policy of discrimination against the Kurds. “The United States is killing its citizens because of the color of its skin,” he said. “Both are fascists.”

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