LOST in PJAK: Reza Kamali (Part 13)

In a special note to Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, a former PJAK member investigated the forced disappearance and death of Iranian Kurdish teenagers in the PJAK / PKK terrorist group, and provided the watchdog with specific information about Reza Kamali.

In these notes, this former member of PJAK introduces the person in question and his background and how he was killed.

Name: Reza Kamali
Nom de Guerre: Sipan Aspin
Khoy city
Date of birth: –

registery date: –

Date of death: 2016- Sharankh

When I saw him, I could not believe that a teenager with little physical strength and young age had joined the PKK and PJAK. I had just joined PJAK and tried to get closer to him. He was a child and the height of the weapon did not differ much from his height!

Most of the time he was lonely and nervous and illiterate. In Iran, he helped his family with herding and animal husbandry. PJAK had deceived him with the promise of a better life and the young boy was now faced with PJAK caves. For this reason, he also had symptoms of restlessness and nervousness. He could not adapt to the environment. He smuggled fuel from time to time at the border and was deceived there, growing up in large families.

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