Funky statements: KCK says Turkey deploys Syrian mercenaries in KRG, Karayilan says Turkey wants ceasefire

“Turkey is deploying Islamist mercenaries in its attacks on South Kurdistan. There are reports that they are being transferred from Libya, Azerbaijan and Syria via Amman (Jordan). From there, planes take the Islamist mercenaries directly to Erbil Airport in South Kurdistan. Then, they are being deployed to the area Haji Omeran in the Soran region and to the surrounding area of Dohuk in the Behdinan region. Upon their arrival in Erbil, members of the MIT (Turkish secret service) and the KDP organize their deployment. The Islamist mercenaries are being dressed in military uniforms of KDP-forces in order to avoid them being recognized.”

This is what KCK, the PKK’s umbrella organization tweeted yesterday. It seems that PKK is desperate to regain public support, so it makes wild allegations. This also indicates the great losses PKK has suffered in the lasting Turkish military operations on PKK bases in Iraqi Kurdistan.

“A few months ago [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan asked us, through some friends, to declare a ceasefire in Turkey,” Murat Karayilan, member of the PKK executive committee, said in an interview aired on Sterk TV on Thursday. The message from Erdogan was that, if a truce is declared in Turkey, then “whatever you do in other parts of Kurdistan, will not be [Ankara’s] business,” Karayilan said. 

The PKK leader said this was an attempt by Turkey to encourage a war between the PKK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which is the main ruling party in the Kurdistan Region and enjoys strong ties with Ankara. “This is the enemy’s game. We need to be aware,” said Karayilan. The offer from Turkey was made in secret and Karayilan wanted to raise it in a meeting with KDP leader Masoud Barzani or other officials, but decided to “reveal it to the Kurdish public now.”

Two separate, interesting statements released on one day…


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