Dindar Zebari: PKK is trying to distort Kurdistan Region’s image

Dindar Zebari, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ‘s Coordinator for International Advocacy, told a press conference on Monday that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) group interfered with the recent student protests in Sulaimani.

“The PKK has started a policy of distorting the Kurdistan Region’s image,” Zebari said. “In the students’ protest in Sulaimani, the PKK played an essential role in undermining the protest and the rightful demands of those students.”

“A number of PKK members have been arrested, and we will reveal more details in the coming days,” he added.

These aren’t the only methods the PKK is using that harms the autonomous region’s stability.

Zebari also said that the PKK is taking other actions that are also negatively impacting the autonomous region.

“The PKK played a role in helping people from Kurdistan Region to migrate to Belarus,” Zebari said. “The PKK had members among the migrants who tried to distort the Kurdistan Region’s image in the eyes of the international community.”

“PKK members have also been trying to depict Kurdistan in an ugly way through media and social media,” he added.


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