Students at the University of Sulaimaniyah and Garmian boycotted the classrooms once again and began protesting in front of their universities.

This morning, along with the students of Rania, Halabja, Koya and Qaladze universities, the students of Sulaimaniyah and Garmian university started protesting in front of their universities and asking for their funds.

University students say they have not been provided with a portion of their dormitory needs, insisting on demanding their funds and saying, “We will not stop protesting until our funds are provided.”

On The 20th of last month, demonstrations by students from universities and institutes began in the borders of Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Halabja, Soran, Raparin and Garmian provinces.

Students were asking for the cost of university and institute students’ funds, which have been suspended since 2014 to be provided again, along with solving the problem of dormitory services.

Five days after the students’ protests, the 24th of the month was ended by force and a week’s suspension was announced, yet the government was not ready to comply with the students’ demands.

A few days after the end of the protests, Masrour Barzani, head of the regional government, said: “There is no place in the world where education is for free and students are paid to study.”

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