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Kurdish-Kurdish Talks Stops in North Eastern Syria

Xelil Aldar said in an interview with ANHA news agency that negotiations between ENKS and the self-proclaimed Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria has stopped in its second phase. In this second phase sharing political and military power would be discussed. Xelil Aldar mentions that ENKS refuses to negotiate with the newly-formed umbrella group “Kurdish National […]

US’s colonel Outzen wants Kurdish and Turkish-led factions to unite and edge out President Assad

A U.S. State Department official is pushing for talks between Turkish- and Kurdish-led factions in Syria as part of a broader push for a political solution that would edge out Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad. The United States has attempted to court both Turkey and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces—who have been at war with each […]

Turkey: PYD/ENKS peace talks is a conspiracy to create international representing space for the PKK in North-East Syria

Turkey is openly disgruntled over the US-backed effort to unite disparate Syrian Kurdish rival political factions that kicked off last month. Turkish disgruntlement was palpable in a May 11 dispatch in Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency. It characterized the effort to unite disparate Syrian Kurdish factions as more of a conspiracy aimed at creating “international […]

France holds talks between PYD and ENKS

After the US-sponsored peace talks, a french delegation has met the rival Kurdish parties PYD and ENKS. Both the US and France are involved in a plan to reconcile the parties. Between ENKS and PYD many problems have occurred over the past few years. The parties have big ideological differences. PYD has arrested ENKS-members, closed […]