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Disclosure of reasons for membership of Fariba Piri in Democrat and PAK armed groups

Fariba Piri was initially recruited by the Democrat group and then PAK. According to the IKHRW, one of the reasons and backgrounds for the recruitment of Kurdish armed groups in Kurdish areas of Iran is unsuccessful marriage experiences of women who are likely forced to marry due to family pressure and after divorce, in order […]

Asa’ad Afrouzi and the narration of escaping from the headquarters of the armed group “Freedom of Kurdistan”

Asa’ad Afrozi was born in Saqqez city in 1991. . He, who has been a member of the Kurdistan Liberation Armed Group, in 2021 and after three years of being in the headquarters of this armed group and accused of terrorist acts, finally escaped from this group and reached Iran. After repeated follow-ups by Iranian […]