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The story of the mistake of Somayeh Rajabi

IKHRW reporter’s subject today is Mozhdeh (Somayeh) Rajabi. According to IKHRW in Kamyaran, one of the key factors in recruitment of new deceived members into Kurdish armed groups, especially PJAK, is the exploitation of the members’ life problems and deceiving them. PJAK attracts its members, especially women, by promising to solve problems and provide free […]

If it were not for Massoud Barzani, the PKK would not grow

Murdering citizens of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) by PKK and the practical silence of the KRG authorities continues. As such, due to the transformation of the PKK into an existential threat to the Iraqi Kurds, we are dealing with the issue. Massoud Barzani made a big mistake in the mid-1980s, and after two meetings with […]