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KRG protests against lockdown

As the COVID-19 cases face an increase in North-Iraq’s KRG, new lockdowns are imposed on its citizens. With the delays in payments of government officials and a profit gap for those that have businesses in different sectors, the economical pressure on the population increases day by day. Yesterday night, people in both Ranya and Darbandikhan […]

PKK’s European wing continues to ignore lockdown measures

With the novel coronavirus causing a humanitarian crisis across the globe, and severe lockdowns throughout most of European countries. Social gatherings have been forbidden for two months now in most West-European countries, in an attempt to prevent the spreading of the virus. One of the European cities that has been hit the hardest, is Paris. […]

Lockdown kills baby in KRG

A woman that was in the process of childbirth could not give birth to her baby, as PUK officials did not let the family’s car pass through Balisan road. The woman unfortunately did not make it to the hospital in time and has lost her baby. Earlier yesterday, the road between Erbil and the Balisan […]