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The experience of despair and hopes of human rights institutions in helping families like Naeem Babaei

International campaign to support Naeem Babaei’s family and other families facing similar problems. Mr. Babaei’s efforts to return his son: Mr. Babaei has gone to Iraq three times and made many efforts to meet his son. This shows that people in this condition are seeking solution for the problem and getting their loved ones back. […]

Armored police vehicle tries to run over children in Turkey’s southeast

An armored police vehicle was seen trying to run over children in Turkey’s Batman. The footage of the incident shared by the HDP showed children running to save themselves. An armored police vehicle was seen trying to run over children in the Kurdish-majority southeastern province of Batman. The footage of the incident was shared by […]

Asking the KDPI: What happened to Sardar Tabnak?

It seems the city of Oshnaviyeh has turned into a base for the armed men of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) while the Iranian government and military-security agencies are silent. The KDPI uses Oshnaviyeh as its largest recruiting center. Apart from terrorist activities, the children recruitment as soldiers by the KDPI is an […]

Iranian Kurdish families repeatedly deceived and wandered

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports confirm by quoting local sources in Kurdistan province, Iran, some extremist and separatist groups active in the border areas of Iran, using the neighboring countries as a base for their destructive activities, continue to provide their armed men by deceiving and abducting the children while these […]

Hassan Abdullah: Kurdish mothers protest against the PKK continues non-stop

Hassan Abdullah, a correspondent for the English-language diplomatic service of the TRT, gave a live report in front of the office of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Turkey summarizing the PKK terrorist acts while he points to the past years and focuses on the issue of child abduction. This reporter points to the presence […]