Turkey hands over Adel Bahrami to Iran

Adel Bahrami is accused of joining an armed group

Adel Bahrami, a Kurdish citizen of Iran, as having been handed over to the Iranian authorities by Turkey, Bas News Agency said quoting officials. According to the report, the Directorate for Migration and Refugees of Turkey announced that Adel Bahrami along with 33 other Iranian immigrants and refugees were returned to Iran via Bazargan border on Thursday. An official in the department, who declined to be named, confirmed the news.

Adel Bahrami in KOMALA uniform

According to Bas News, Saman Rishesaheb, a spokesman for the Komala of Iranian Kurdistan – an illegal armed organization -, had earlier confirmed that Adel Bahrami, a member of the group, had been arrested in Turkey and his fate was unknown. Mr. Rishesaheb, confirming Adel Bahrami’s membership in the Organization, said: “This party member could not return to Iran because of his political activities and had referred to the United Nations Office in Ankara. He was due to go to Europe via Antalya but was arrested and jailed for two months in Antalya. Also, he was imprisoned in Ankara for six months. “

Komala: Adel Bahrami was involved in organizational journalism

According to the report, Adel Bahrami is from the Kamyaran area of ​​Kurdistan province and was a member of Komala for five years. According to Komala, he was involved in organizational journalism. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has also prosecuted him for membership in an illegal armed organization.

According to Komala’s spokesman’s explicit statement that Adel Bahrami is a member of the organization, it appears that he will be treated as a member of an “outlawed Iran” organization, not a journalist or human rights activist. In other words, his political claims are also incorrect and he is accused of membership in an illegal and separatist group with a history of armed operations. The Iranian authorities have not yet commented on the accuracy or non accuracy of the news.

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