ISIS prison negotiations

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported yesterday that the International Coalition instructed to construct “international court” in Syria for trying ISIS prisoners.
According to SOHR sources, a hall will be constructed in the eastern neighbourhood of Al-Qamishly city in rural Al-Hasakah, with the full support of foreign countries of the International Coalition, including France and the U.S.A. The construction of the building is supposed to be accomplished in two or three months, so that ISIS prisoners, who are in the custody of Syria Democratic Forces, will be tried.
This project was started after negotiations with ISIS members that started a riot on Monday in their prison in Hasakeh.
Myles Caggins (US-backed coalition spokesperson) and the PYD/PKK administration of North-East Syria stated earlier today in a press-conference that this report is false.
“The Coalition maintains the best disposition option for these foreign ISIS detainees would be for their home countries to repatriate, prosecute, and where appropriate, incarcerate them.”, stated Caggins.
“Those who have broken the laws of their country of origin through their support for ISIS or its affiliates should be subject to criminal prosecution or other judicial processes in their home country.”

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