Stabilizing and developing border areas should be a serious agenda of the Iranian government

For many years, the people of the border regions, and underdeveloped areas of the country, have been living in unfavorable conditions and have the least facilities and equipment for welfare, education, and so on. Water, electricity, gas, internet and telephone, school and university and many other examples that can be mentioned are either non-existent or very little, worn out and old!

But the question is why the officials of the Iranian government have not done and are not doing their duty towards the citizens living in the border areas properly?

Aren’t the people of the border areas part of the citizens of Iran ?!

Unfortunately, the unbalanced growth among cities and regions of Iran and the mismatch in the management of resources and facilities, has led to their integration in Tehran and some large cities, and accordingly, the share of other cities and of course the border areas (Kurdish) is minimal.

This issue cannot be corrected until the national managers and big decision makers of the country implement this important issue in the true sense of the word and do not suffice to make a few interesting comments and collect votes! Actions needs to be undertaken!!

But even in these circumstances, there should be demands and asked the officials of the Iranian government to pay serious and necessary attention to their duty to the citizens of the border areas and the Kurds.

It seems that the thinking of managers at the national level is that Iran means only “Tehran” and big cities! And this is their practice and budgeting and allocation of resources and facilities for other cities and border areas is based on this view.

Were it not for such thinking, we would be witnessing a change in the development and stability of the border and Kurdish areas today, which we are not!

The role of media and social networks in cyberspace is very important here, and they must take big and effective steps in this regard.

The members of the media, who are mainly concerned about the future of the country and are able to draw the attention of the officials to various issues, should also draw the attention of the officials to this issue.

The people of the border and Kurdish regions should also use the capacity of social networks and, of course, the ways of communication with the organs and officials of the Iranian government to raise their issues and problems.

The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, as an internal human rights body, has repeatedly advised and even warned Iranian government officials to take the development and stability of the Kurdish and border areas seriously, and has offered solutions in this regard.

The prosperity of cross-border markets, the establishment of stability and security in the business environment, and the inflow of capital into these areas and Kurdish cities can eliminate unfortunate phenomena such as kolberi as a false occupation, and the youth of these could make a living near their families, and in their hometown.

Development and stabilization of the border areas and the Kurdish region would lead to less urbanization, as the ever-growing stream of migrants flowing to the larger cities is a direct result of underdevelopment of the region.

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