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Fear of civilians casualties arises as Turkey begins new operation in Iraq and Syria

Turkey carried out air strikes Tuesday in northern Iraq against rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) positions, causing casualties, authorities in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region said. “Turkish warplanes targeted several positions of Kurdistan Workers’ Party fighters,” particularly in the Makhmur and Sinjar regions, Kurdish counter-terrorism services said in a statement. “Turkish military aircraft bombed six PKK […]

Will Turkey invade Syria’s Tel Rifaat?

“Soon the city will be cleaned of PKK/PYD terrorists, please cooperate with our forces.” That is what was said on flyers that were dropped by Turkish UAV’s over the Tel Rifaat area.     A Turkish official has made a statement to Reuters regarding the same area: “It is essential that the areas, notably the […]

The Gara Affair: How Not to Rescue Hostages

By Burak Bekdil EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan needed a military success story, and the rescue of 13 hostages held by the PKK in northern Iraq would have fit the bill. Unfortunately, the operation was a tragic failure. Erdoğan now accuses the Kurds, Kurdish political parties, opposition parties, and even the Biden administration […]