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Turkey hits Kurds in northern Syria with a cruel weapon: water

Water disruptions in Hasakah spell more suffering for civilians unless Turkish forces withdraw from NE Syria Turkey’s stated aim of creating a safe zone along the border now entails cutting off water as a pressure tactic Near the town of Ras Al-Ain in Hasakah, in northeastern Syria, empty jerry cans were piled high on the […]

Alon Ben Meir: The existence of the Syrian Kurds threatened

Alon Ben Meir, a professor of political science at New York University and a Middle East analyst, reviewed the latest situation of the Syrian Kurds on his Twitter Page, describing it without a clear horizon. “The existence of the Syrian Kurds is threatened as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan considers the People’s Defense Units (YPG) […]

Myles Caggins: we ONLY help defeating ISIS

A joint press conference was held by the US military spokesperson Myles Caggins, and SDF commanders yesterday. Myles Caggins once again confirmed that the US military will only assist the SDF in its battle against ISIS. It will not provide support if Turkey decides to invade SDF-held territory again. This can be seen in the […]