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The horrifying narration of “Setareh Zadhesh” about being in the headquarters of the PJAK and escaping from them

Setareh; from child marriage to child soldier in PJAK. According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the deception and kidnapping of young Iranian Kurdish girls and teenagers is one of the common and popular methods of Kurdish armed groups, girls and women are more interested in groups such as, PJAK, PAK. Komala, Demokrat, and […]

Narration of Shahriyar Mohammadpour from Kolberi to membership in PJAK Sect

In 2018, Shahriyar Mohammadpour was working as a Kolberi, but one day he lost his way and got lost in the mountains. According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, one of the main reasons for the membership of Iranian Kurdish young people in armed groups such as PJAK is poverty and unemployment in the […]

Condemnation after Iraqi-Kurd journalists given 6 years in jail

Sentences spark outrage across the Kurdish region where press freedom has been in precipitous decline for some time. By Sofia Barbarani and Hakeem Dawd Qaradaghi Baghdad, Iraq – Iraqi Kurdish journalists Sherwan Sherwani and Guhdar Zebari were sentenced to six years in jail in a move that has been labelled “unfair and disproportionate” by press […]

SDF and ISIS Cooperation: 9 jihadists were released

Following the cooperation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS at various stages, this group affiliated to the PKK released 9 ISIS members. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is releasing ISIL members while the ISIL is resurging in Syria, citing “fighting” ISIL as the reason for its cooperation as an American ground force in […]

Seven ISIS members escape from al-Hol on the day SDF announces prison amnesty

The SDF still experience problems with the security of their prisons. Seven members of the Islamic State (ISIS) group escaped from a small prison in North-East Syria today, with four recaptured and a search continuing for the remaining three, said Syrian state media and an official with the main Kurdish-led US-backed force in the region. […]